Baltimore Area Mediator and Collaborative Practice Lawyer

Customized approach to handling domestic disputes 

Howard County attorney Alisa G. Cummins is well known for her use of alternate dispute resolution methods in approaching domestic and family law disputes. Ms. Cummins is a trained mediator and collaborative practice lawyer. Mediation, arbitration and collaborative practice are forms of alternative dispute resolution used in place of litigation, which involves taking a dispute to court. Ms. Cummins strives to maintain civility among family members and to minimize negative effects on any children involved. The use of alternative dispute resolution provides several advantages, including:

  • Privacy
  • Speed
  • Lower cost
  • Reduced stress


Attorney Cummins spends time with all clients to learn and understand their personal needs and goals. She views each client and each set of circumstances as unique. Based on each client's situation, she decides which approach to pursue to achieve optimal results. 

Mediating family disputes

Mediation is a method of alternative dispute resolution whereby a "mediator" or third party helps the parties in a dispute reach a settlement. The mediator may propose a solution, but does not have authority to make binding decisions. The objective of mediation is to find a middle ground where all parties can agree.

Arbitrating domestic issues

When mediation fails, then a conflict may be placed under arbitration. This process involves a more formal approach. The arbitrator has the same powers as a judge, but only for the conflict in question.  Arbitration is directed to conclude the case and impose a final decision or resolution of the conflict in the fairest way. The parties to the conflict present their claims, but have no part in the final decision.

Utilizing collaborative practice approach

Collaborative practice is a cooperative, voluntary, team-based process to resolve family disputes without the need to go to court. With the help of professionals in various disciplines, the parties work together to create shared solutions to all aspects of the dispute: financial, emotional and legal. Each person chooses an individual attorney trained in collaborative practice to assist, and other collaborative professionals are called upon as needed, including:

  • Mental health professionals
  • Child specialists
  • Financial professionals

Collaborative practice can be used to resolve divorce and other family matters such as premarital agreements, non-marital cohabitation agreements, domestic partnerships, guardianships, paternity and child custody and support matters.  

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